Paper Roll

Paper Roll

We can supply you with all of your requirements of paper rolls whether you want it plain or pre-printed. We deliver the best paper of high quality and lower-cost with the best finishing and packaging based on the end user requirement our company served and supplied many pioneer organizations around the world.


Our paper rolls could be thermal or conventional paper, single-ply or multi-ply, carbon or carbonless rolls with different sizes to fit your machines.


o             ATM Receipt Thermal Rolls

o             Cash Thermal Rolls

o             Plain Thermal Rolls

o             POS Thermal Rolls

o             ATM Journal Thermal Rolls

o             Q-MATIC Thermal Rolls

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Q Management systems are widely used in the retails industry to manage and provide efficient customer service. We offer different kinds of thermal Q ticket rolls compatible for leading que management systems. Customized rolls are available with the possibility of branding..


We can print Thermal papers on both sides in up to 8 colours and include perforations for tear off sections. Together with our special designed Slitting and Finishing machines, we offer a high quality product with a quick turn-round. Wide range of paper grades are available for parking ticket application .

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