Security Solution

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Security Solution

In  MASX Gepcom Technology We provide security services for a wide range of customers within a variety of industries and customer segments. We provide tailored solutions based on customer-specific needs.

We are providing Professional Services as per the following:

▸ Design▸ Plan▸ Build▸ Integrate▸ Implement▸ Support

We are also providing managed services to our clients

▸ Technology life cycle management▸ Infrastructure management▸ Network▸ Security▸ Wireless▸ Data Center▸ Cloud▸ NOC/SOC with 24x7 support services▸ 24x7x365 monitoring and support services

We are having partnerships with following Vendors to provide best solutions and services:





We made another partnership with leading cyber security services provider around the globe:

▸ Vectra (A world leader in applying AI to detect and hunt for cyberattackers)▸ Solutions▸ Attack Detection

▸ Threat Hunting▸ Product▸ Cognito: The power to Detect and Recall

▸ Always-learning behavioural models detect attackers in real time to enable quick response and investigative starting point

▸ Reveal hidden and unknown attackers in real time with machine learning,

data science and behavioural analytics working in concert.

▸ Hunt for threats retrospectively to determine if compromise exist in historical data.