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GEPCOM sets up biometric systems all over the world and provides all the necessary training for a fully functional use.

For each biometric system, user and set up guides are provided. If needed, in case of specific integration with your own software, we also supply SDKs  (Software Development Kit) as well as relative support.

You can find the products of our catalog being deployed in many airports around the world, in large companies and at famous institutes in which is  required the highest level of safety and an optimal reliability.

Every year these biometrics systems are awarded with certifications (including the FBI) thereby establishing the reputation of the world leader for

Idemia. It allows us to meet all types of application development and interface requiring devices with cutting-edge biometric technology.

As Idemia has expertise also in the making process (conception and development) of biometric identity documents such as driving licenses, identity  cards and biometric passports, Biotime can accede to public markets and specific projects for governments and public institutions.

We manage various types of biometric data such as fingerprint, finger vein patterns or facial recognition, for both physical and logical access control.


Compact reader, with fake finger detection, strong (IK08, IP65), identification in less than 1 second. Moreover, this  reader is embedded with a webserver to manage  enrolment and configuration (no need for additional  software in case of standalone use).

MASX-ERP text and image block
MASX-ERP image and text block


 Reader able to capture 4 fingerprints simultaneously, with a

wave of the hand. Designed for high traffic areas. Compact  version and more affordable compared to the tower.

Mifare / Desfire / iClass/Prox car readers – IP65.


Compact reader with fake finger detection, IP 65 certified,

identification in less than 1 second. Easy access to  information such as reader's IP address and use triple  identification (PIN + Fingerprint + Card).

MASX-ERP text and image block
MASX-ERP image and text block


This reader is a multimodal device, it combines fingerprint

and vein recognition, that's from far the most secure solution  for identification/authentication.


Biometric reader with tactile screen, ideal for standalone  use. Embedded webserver.

MASX-ERP text and image block
MASX-ERP image and text block


Secure mobile biometric tab with FBI and STQC certified

biometric sensor , iris recognition in 2i version. Smart card  and contactless card reader. 3G, Wifi, Bluetooth. For multiple  purposes to be designed with SDK (elections, time attendance, access control, identity control...).


Strong  and  powerful   fingerprint   reader.   Same   assets as

previous    Sigma    family    (webserver, card   readers,   T&A  features, fake finger detection…) with additional  robustness. This reader has been designed to work under  harsh conditions and environments.

MASX-ERP text and image block
MASX-ERP image and text block


3D Face recognition system for access control. Contactless

identification in less than 1 second. 40000 data points  analyzed for identification.

MSO 1300

The MorphoSmart™ 1300 Series is a compact biometric USB

device, for highly secure desktop applications. High  performance and accuracy.

MASX-ERP text and image block
MASX-ERP image and text block

MSO  1350

The MorphoSmart™ 1350 Series is high-end optical sensor

with match-on-Card capability, used for enrollment,  authentication and identification in industrial/commercial  and governmental environments.