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EMV/Banking cards

Recently, the usage of the financial cards is general and the Bankcards in particular have been increased around the world. This is due to the high security features, which have been developed for multi cards applications in order to facilitate and process the transactions and payments with highest level of security, to reduce the chances of fraud and that is the most important key component for the end user the cardholder.


Our financial cards can be as a standard magnetic stripe cards, compliant to EMV standards contact cards, contactless and dual interface cards all of it under one roof. We are proud that our products of cards are Visa, Master certified.


The experience in EMV migration that we have is touchable for our clients from our footprint across the market in the world which came by the trust of our clients in GEPCOM Technologies.

Scratch Card

Scratch card or the prepaid card is taking the biggest share of our card products. GEPCOM Technologies provides all types of scratch cards cardboard or PVC in different shapes with personalization of required features like secret Pin number single to Multi- pin, serial numbers, expiry date and bar code.


The scratch cards we provide are carrying the high standards and effective user experience.


Scratch card are widely used card in many industries like Telecom Recharge Cards, Internet Recharge Cards, Consumable card and Scratch and win cards.

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SIM cards

 Subscriber identity modules (SIMs) of

2G and 3G oered by GEPCOM could be customized

i. Standard SIM (1FF)

ii. Mini SIM (2FF) V

iii. Micro SIM (3FF)

iv. Nano SIM (4FF)

v. Adaptor

Magnetic Cards

Another type of smart cards, which is widely, used in many applications whether in hospitality industry or in banking industry even hospitals. The

magnetic stripe cards at Gepcom provided with a full services as our customers wish, like with options printing, rationalization services for many application ID cards, games shops, hotels keys etc.

We are capable to produce any size of the cards and customized cards for all applications:-

i.Hotel Key Cards

ii.ID Cards

iii.Promotional Cards

iv.Discount Cards

v.Privilege Cards

vi.Guarantee Cards

vii.Loyalty Cards

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